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Outfit Addons

This is a list of items you need to get to activate the Addons of each available Outfit. To get the Bonus you need to have activated both Addons.

Male Female Outfit 1st Addon 2nd Addon Bonus
Assassin 50× Blue Piece Of Cloth
50× Brown Piece Of Cloth
50× Green Piece Of Cloth
50× Red Piece Of Cloth
50× White Piece Of Cloth
50× Yellow Piece Of Cloth
10× Spool Of Yarn
Behemoth Claw
Nose Ring
3 HP / MP Per Turn
4% Distance Skill
+25 Health
+25 Mana
Barbarian 100× Iron Ore
50× Lizard Leather
50× Perfect Behemoth Fang
Huge Chunk Of Crude Iron
50× Green Piece Of Cloth
50× Red Piece Of Cloth
10× Spool Of Yarn
Flask Of Warrior's Sweat
Morgaroth's Heart
Spirit Container
+4 Axe Skill
+100 Health
3% Absorb Physical
Beggar 100× Ape Fur
Crystal Coin
Simon's Staff
+25 Health
+1 Magic Level
Suppress Drunk

* The Staff is Simon the beggar's staff which is found here, you don't need to go to Fibula, go directly to Hero Cave in Edron.
Citizen 100× Minotaur Leather
100× Chicken Feather
50× Honeycomb
Legion Helmet
+5 Speed
2 HP / 2 MP Per Turn
Druid 50× Bear Paw
50× Wolf Paw
100× Demon Dust
Energy Soil
Ghazbarans Doll
2 HP / 2 MP Per Turn
2% Magic Level
3% Absorb Earth/Ice
Hunter 100× Lizard Leather
100× Red Dragon Leather
Enchanted Chicken Wing
Piece Of Draconian Steel
Piece Of Hell Steel
Piece Of Royal Steel
Sniper Gloves
+3 Distance Skill
+2 Shielding Skill
+1 Magic Level
Jester 50× Blue Piece Of Cloth
50× Brown Piece Of Cloth
50× White Piece Of Cloth
50× Yellow Piece Of Cloth
50× Blue Piece Of Cloth
50× Green Piece Of Cloth
50× Red Piece Of Cloth
50× White Piece Of Cloth
2 HP / MP Per Turn
+1 Weapon Skills
+1 Magic Level
Knight 100× Iron Ore
Huge Chunk Of Crude Iron
100× Perfect Behemoth Fang
Damaged Steel Helmet
Flask Of Warrior's Sweat
Piece Of Royal Steel
+2 Sword Skill
+2 Shield Skill
2% Absorb Fire/Ice
Mage (Female) Winning Lottery Ticket
70× Bat Wing
60× Lizard Scale
40× Ape Fur
40× Red Dragon Scale
35× Holy Orchid
30× Vampire Dust
20× Red Piece Of Cloth
15× Magic Sulphur
10× Spool Of Yarn
4% Magic Level
+2% Absorb Magic
Mage (Male) 20× Ankh
10× Magic Sulphur
Hailstorm Rod
Moonlight Rod
Necrotic Rod
Northwind Rod
Snakebite Rod
Soul Stone
Terra Rod
Wand Of Cosmic Energy
Wand Of Decay
Wand Of Draconia
Wand Of Dragonbreath
Wand Of Inferno
Ferumbras' Hat
4% Magic Level
+2% Absorb Magic
Nobleman 2000000× Gold Coin
2000000× Gold Coin
+10 Speed
Norseman 20× Shard
20× Shard
+1 Axe Skill
6% Absorb Ice
Oriental Coral Comb
100× Ape Fur
100× Blue Piece Of Cloth
100× Fish Fin
Enchanted Chicken Wing
7 HP / 7 MP Per Turn
+2 Sword Skill
Pirate 100× Eye Patch
100× Hook
100× Peg Leg
Brutus Bloodbeard's Hat
Deadeye Devious' Eye Patch
Ron The Ripper's Sabre
+50 Health
+2 Sword Skill
Suppress Drunk
Shaman Banana Staff
Tribal Mask
Pirate Voodoo Doll
Voodoo Doll
3% Magic Level
3% Absorb Earth/Death
Suppress Poison
Summoner 10 MP Per Turn
2% Magic Level
+100 Max Mana
3% Absorb Death

* 20x Ankh can be replaced by Winning Lotery Ticket
Warrior 100× Hardened Bone
100× Turtle Shell
Red Dragon Claw
Spirit Container
100× Iron Ore
Piece Of Royal Steel
+4 Sword Skill
+100 Health
3% Absorb Physical
Wayfarer 200× Noxious Token
100× Cultish Robe
100× Cursed Shoulder Spikes
25× Demon Horn
100× Noxious Token
Cobra Crown
Sedge Hat
5 HP Per Turn
4% Melee Skills
+4 Shielding Skill
+10 Speed
+50 Health
Wizard 50× Holy Orchid
Crown Legs
Dragon Scale Mail
Medusa Shield
Ring Of The Sky
+200 Mana
2% Absorb Death

Other Addons are activated by talking to NPCs (same as in official Tibia) or by completing the following Quests:

Cavebot Looting Item List

Here's the code to add to your Cavebot so you can loot all items needed:

5912  e blue piece of cloth
5913  e brown piece of cloth
5910  e green piece of cloth
5911  e red piece of cloth
5909  e white piece of cloth
5914  e yellow piece of cloth
5886  e spool of yarn
5930  e behemoth claw
5804  e nose ring
5880  e iron ore
5876  e lizard leather
5893  e perfect behemoth fang
5892  e huge chunk of crude iron
5885  e flask of warriors sweat
5943  e morgaroths heart
5884  e spirit container
5883  e ape fur
3043  e crystal coin
6107  e simons staff
5878  e minotaur leather
5890  e chicken feather
5902  e honeycomb
3374  e legion helmet
5896  e bear paw
5897  e wolf paw
5906  e demon dust
945  e energy soil
11138  e ghazbarans doll
5948  e red dragon leather
5891  e enchanted chicken wing
5889  e piece of draconian steel
5888  e piece of hell steel
5887  e piece of royal steel
5875  e sniper gloves
5924  e damaged steel helmet
5958  e winning lottery ticket
5894  e bat wing
5881  e lizard scale
5882  e red dragon scale
5922  e holy orchid
5905  e vampire dust
5904  e magic sulphur
3214  e ankh
3067  e hailstorm rod
3070  e moonlight rod
3069  e necrotic rod
8083  e northwind rod
3066  e snakebite rod
5809  e soul stone
3065  e terra rod
3073  e wand of cosmic energy
3072  e wand of decay
8093  e wand of draconia
3075  e wand of dragonbreath
3071  e wand of inferno
5903  e ferumbras hat
3031  e gold coin
7290  e shard
5945  e coral comb
5895  e fish fin
6098  e eye patch
6097  e hook
6126  e peg leg
6099  e brutus bloodbeards hat
6102  e deadeye devious eye patch
6101  e ron the rippers sabre
3348  e banana staff
3403  e tribal mask
5810  e pirate voodoo doll
3955  e voodoo doll
5014  e mandrake
5925  e hardened bone
5899  e turtle shell
10020  e red dragon claw
11455  e noxious token
9639  e cultish robe
10410  e cursed shoulder spikes
5954  e demon horn
11674  e cobra crown
12617  e sedge hat
3382  e crown legs
3386  e dragon scale mail
3436  e medusa shield
3006  e ring of the sky


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