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Outfit ID List

This is great to use with the setoutfit playername outfitid command, so that you can identify the profession of each player:

Outfit ID Name
128 Civilian
129 Paladin
131 Knight
142 Warrior
145 Sorcerer
153 Druid
336 Warmaster
149 Wizard
137 Hunter
141 Summoner
147 Barbarian

You can experiment with the different outfits, these go from 1 to around 350. Use this persistent script to see all of them:

set $ou 100
auto 2000 | setoutfit $ou | statusmessage $ou | inc $ou

Change outfit based on vocation

The following persistent script will change all player's outfit so you know their vocation:

auto 1000 | foreach 'screenplayers' $p { if [$p.voc ? 'K']{setoutfit $ 131} | if [$p.voc ? 'P']{setoutfit $ 129} | if [$p.voc ? 'D']{setoutfit $ 153} | if [$p.voc ? 'S']{setoutfit $ 145} | if [$p.level > 8 && $p.level < 80]{setoutfit $ 128} }

You need to go to HUD and enable the following options for the script to work:

  • Look at players automatically
  • Cache player information

Item Outfit

Another option is to use the setitemoutfit command to use the item/tile sprite instead of the creatures sprite:

set $ou 100
auto 2000 | setitemoutfit $ou | statusmessage $ou | inc $ou

These start at 100 and are a mix of terrain tiles, objects, corpses, decorations and effects.


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