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Welcome to the unofficial Noxious OT Wiki

What is Noxious OT?

Noxious OT is a free oldschool 2D MMORPG set in a world of medieval times & fantasy based on Open Tibia 8.60. Available on Windows, Apple OS X (via Wine) and Linux (via Wine). This wiki is devoted to Noxious OT.

Noxious OT differences from other Open Tibia servers are: unlimited rune usage, experience boost, real map with many extra custom worlds, bosses, outfits, free Premium, events, auto-learn spells, custom items, player market, rebirthing, item enchantments and more. While still keeping most of the original gameplay and world. It also has a very active player base averaging 100-300 online players. The community is basically composed of former players from back when Tibia started and before it became a blatant pay-to-win game, so although Noxious is a PvP world, there are a lot of great and mature people around that like to have a good time, chat, hunt and explore together. Dying is not a big deal either, you lose a bit of experience and can buy all blessings for a few coins. Botting and Multi-Client (MC) is allowed except in PvP battles and Events.

A server reset could be due by the end of July 2019 although it hasn't been confirmed and many people say these are just rumours to screw players, GOD Deviance should confirm in the official News section if that was to happen.

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Wiki Roadmap

The following are pending things we want to achieve in the wiki:

  • Map custom locations: We need a high-level to either stream live, send us the map files or enable us to follow them.
  • Add locations for each creature in the database: We are adding locations on where you can find each monster although it's still work in progress. If you can help, let us know!
  • Monster egg drop chance: Right now we've set it at 0.1% for every creature, although we know this could be more accurate.
  • Acronyms: if you know more acronyms please add them!

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