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Banuta is an underground city in Tiquanda, north of Port Hope. It has many levels of a variety of monsters and also contains Quests.

East and South of Banuta, you can find the Tiquanda Laboratory, the Tiquanda Dwarf Cave, the Hydra Mountain and the ominous Forbidden Lands.

Creatures found in Banuta

Creature Exp Exp/HP ratio Health Armor Defense Attack (melee) Attack (magic)
The Noxious Spawn The Noxious Spawn 6000 9500 0.63 18 25 0 0
Merlkin Merlkin 145 235 0.62 15 15 0 17
Kongra Kongra 115 340 0.34 20 20 0 0
Sibang Sibang 105 225 0.47 15 15 0 0

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