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Beginner's Guide

Here's a few things you need to know about NoxiousOT:

  • Botting is allowed except on PvP and Events, so go ahead and get Elfbot
  • You can use MultiClient and also log in to several characters of the same account at the same time, no need to create multiple accounts
  • Non-healing runes are unlimited, don't buy more than one
  • Arrows and other throwing items are unlimited, don't buy more than one
  • Most weapons are one-handed, Paladins can carry a shield with their bow
  • Spells are auto-learned as you gain level
  • Levels below 80 are non-PvP, meaning you can't get attacked
  • The map is based on the real Tibia + custom zones accessible via teleports below Thais depot
  • The best vocation is Druid
  • The best city to live in is Thais
  • As you level up until level 60-80 you will be given potions and better weapons/wands/rods so save your money for other equipment
  • Not all quests in real Tibia are available although there's many custom ones, check Quests for the list
  • The most important currency in the game is the Noxious Token, the easiest way to get them is through Events once you get to level 80-100
  • As a Knight, go for Swords, don't bother with Axe or Club, the best weapons are Swords and everyone uses them so you will more easily and cheaply find them
  • No need to loot or buy rings from players, you can buy them for cheap at the NPC downstairs of Thais depot

Choosing your vocation

  • Paladin: The most balanced vocation, has great health and mana. If you will mostly go solo then get a paladin.
  • Knight: Great for Quests, good for PvP. Can block tough monsters in quests and reach places no one can. It is expensive to level up due to the huge amount of potions you will use.
  • Sorcerer: Great for PKing. Levels up fast.
  • Druid: Great for Wars/Battles and PKing. Levels up fast. You can heal your teammates, paralize enemies, use wild growth runes…

Now that you know all the above, here's how to level up:

Level 0 - 20

Non-healing runes are unlimited! They don't disappear once you use them, so only buy one of each!

Go downstairs of Thais DP and hunt Rotworms. Don't worry too much about dying until level 80, you will regain the lost Experience in no time (and won't lose any equipment or backpack).

Once you level a bit, go get the promotion (King Tibianus, Castle North-West in Thais), if you don't have the money, you will be gifted 3 Crystal coins when you reach level 35 so don't worry too much about saving money or looting items for now.

Get a Squeezing Gear of Girlpower for 1cc as soon as you can from the NPC in Level 0 of the Thais temple. It is the most useful one (rope, shovel, pick, machete, scythe and sickle).

Level 20 - 30

Go buy some Runes from the Rune Shop in Thais, specially UH (or IH for Knights), GFB, HMM, Icicle and SD (Magic Level 15+), remember that they're unlimited so just buy one of each.

Paladins: You can buy a bow/crossbow and a huge variety of ammunition at Port Hope's Perod, (equipment NPC, two floors above Depot).

You can now use the TP to the first zone at the top and kill Smugglers, Nomads and Mutant Humans.

Level 30

You can now go to the Trainers to improve your skills. Do so while you are not playing. You will start receiving free potions and weapons/equipment as you progress from levels 30 to 80.

Level 35

You will receive 3 crystal coin, use them to get a Promotion so you can improve your Regeneration rate.

Level 50

You can start participating in the !trivia to earn 5 Noxious Token every time you get the correct answer.

Level 80

From now on you will lose experience (and equipment), remember to bless when you die by saying !bless.

First of all, read the PK page to learn more about Player Killing and tips on how to avoid getting murdered.

You should go to the Task NPCs and activate the Experience and the Item ones.

You can also start participating in some Events to earn Noxious Tokens that are very useful to buy items in the market, do so, since you will improve your Body Equipment and Weapons massively.

Check out the NPC Shop for a list of items that can be sold. From now on, creatures you kill will give loot that is way more profitable than the coins they drop, so focus on finding great items you can sell instead of picking gold coins.

You get 15 crystal coin.

Level 100

More Events are now available. Keep accumulating tokens and improving your equipment in the Market.

Also, check out some Quests.

You can now buy/rent a House if you fancy using the !buyhouse command.

Level 150

You can now activate the Champion Task and the Death Task as well as participate in further Events such as the Noxious Party.

Note that most (if not all) islands that you shouldn't be able to access without completing Quests are unlocked by default, so try and go there first before wasting time collecting/purchasing necessary items.

From now on, be careful of PKs, you give pretty good Experience if they kill you. They will usually come in groups.

Level 250

You may rebirth.

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Lazy Monday! Remember to get your boost using the !lazymonday command.