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You don’t need to bless under level 80 although you will still lose Experience and Skills.

As soon as you get to level 80, when you die you'll need to !bless and pay a small amount of crystal coins, otherwise you'll lose what you carry. The cost of blessing is 100gp per level from 80 to 149 and 150gp per level 150+ (8,000gp for level 80, 0.8 Platinum Coins). (When you reach level 80 you get the first blessing already included).

In order to bless, all you have to do is write !bless in the chat and you'll get all 5 blessings. This is the NoxiousOT Amulet of Loss (equivalent command !aol in many other OT servers).

If you see You already have all 5 blessings! then you are all set.


You can decrease blessing price by 20%, if you pay 10 illusion flesh to the Oracle of Delusion, inside the TP under Thais depot, called Dream.


Lisa, 2022/11/02 18:38

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