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Commands are special text you can type to do or get several things. You must type this in the Chat and send it. You can either start commands with a ! or a /, both work the same (except in some rare cases). To see the full list of commands in-game type /commands.

Command Type Description
πŸŽ› /commands Character Shows a list of all commands.
πŸŽ› !time Server Display the server's current time along with the next event's information (e.g. The current server time is: 05:26:28 PM. The next event will automatically start in 28 minutes and 37 seconds.)
πŸŽ› /online Server Shows how many players are online.
πŸŽ› /serverinfo Server Provides information on your Exp Rate, Skills Rate, Magic Rate and Loot Rate including Protection Level, Red Skull Daily/Weekly/Monthly frags.
πŸŽ› /uptime Server How long the server has been up.
🎟 !lottery info Lottery Information about the current Lottery event.
🎟 !lottery join Lottery Participate in the Lottery (you must have 5 Noxious
πŸŽ₯ /live Streaming (Broadcaster) Displays a list of broadcasting commands.
πŸŽ₯ /live {on|off} Streaming (Broadcaster) Starts or ends your broadcast.
πŸŽ₯ /live password {PASSWORD} Streaming (Broadcaster) Locks your broadcast.
πŸŽ₯ /live password off Streaming (Broadcaster) Disables the password for your broadcast.
πŸŽ₯ /live status Streaming (Broadcaster) Shows you whether or not you're broadcasting.
πŸŽ₯ /live show Streaming (Broadcaster) Displays a list of spectators viewing your broadcast.
πŸŽ₯ /live auth {on|off} Streaming (Broadcaster) Changes chat protection and requires spectators to authorize.
πŸŽ₯ /live kick {NAME} Streaming (Broadcaster) Kicks a specified spectator from your broadcast.
πŸŽ₯ /live ban {NAME} Streaming (Broadcaster) Bans a specified spectator by IP address from your broadcast.
πŸŽ₯ /live unban {NAME} Streaming (Broadcaster) Unbans a specified spectator by IP address from your broadcast.
πŸŽ₯ /live bans Streaming (Broadcaster) Displays the current bans for your broadcast.
πŸŽ₯ /live mute Streaming (Broadcaster) Mutes a spectator by from your broadcast.
πŸŽ₯ /live unmute Streaming (Broadcaster) Unmutes a spectator from your broadcast.
πŸŽ₯ /live mutes Streaming (Broadcaster) Displays the current mutes for your broadcast.
πŸŽͺ !event Events Join an open event.
πŸŽͺ !lazymonday Events Every Monday you are eligible to receive a free skill/magic rate boost.
πŸŽͺ !trivia Events Answer Trivia's question.
πŸŽͺ !attack Events Attack in The Infested event.
πŸŽͺ /report {player_name} Events Report a player for being AFK during a team-based Event.
πŸŽͺ /team {message} Events Send a message to your team during a team-based Event.
🏠 /buyhouse Houses Buys the house you are in front of (level 100+).
🏠 /sellhouse Houses Creates a script item that can be traded for something else.
🏠 /leavehouse Houses Leaves the house for good, all items inside it will be moved to the Depot where the House was, remember you can access all city Depots from Thais Casino.
🏠 /resell Houses Tells you how long for a house to be able to be resold.
🏠 /resell accept Houses Buy a House from another player who has been offline for 30 days.
🏠 aleta sio Houses List of guests (enter house but can’t open doors). One name per line.
🏠 aleta som Houses List of sub-owners (enter house, open doors, and edit guest list).
🏠 alana sio β€œname” Houses Teleport someone outside. If the door is open and they are a guest they can still get in. If the doors is closed but they're a sub-owner, they can still come in too. You can use this command to kick yourself in a big house.
πŸ‘€ !bless Character Provides you with the 5 blessings, see Blessings for more info
πŸ‘€ !mf Character Will display your % of Magic Find (publicly) and how many Magical Boxes you've absorved.
πŸ‘€ !spells Character Opens a window with all your currently available spells.
πŸ‘€ !stats Character See your current item boosts.
πŸ‘€ !vial Character Automatically remove empty flasks from your inventory.
πŸ‘€ /away on Character Turn Away mode on. An 'AFK' text will show on you.
πŸ‘€ /away off Character Turn Away mode off.
πŸ‘€ /changegender Character Change your char's gender.
πŸ‘€ /exptoken Character Tells you if you have an active experience or skill rate boost and for how long.
πŸ‘€ /frags Character Shows how many frags you have today, this week and this month.
πŸ‘€ /money Character Tells you how many Golden Nuggets and Noxious Tokens you possess.
πŸ‘€ /played Character Tells you how long have you been playing this level and in total (the former one is not accurate).
πŸ‘€ /softboots Items Repairs Soft Boots for 1cc. You must have completed the Atmos: The Sage Quest first, and wait 1 minute between repairs.
πŸ’€ !bounty name,gold/token,amount PvP Sets a bounty for that player. Minimum 10 tokens.
πŸ’€ /deathlist playerName PvP Show a list of his recent deaths.
πŸ’° !market buy,marketId Market Purchases an item from the Market with the specified ID.
πŸ’° !market help Market Displays information and examples of how to use the Market.
πŸ’° !market info,marketId Market View stats and other information about the listed item.
πŸ’° !market list Market View recent listings. Its recommended to use the site instead.
πŸ’° !market list,playerName Market View another players Market listings.
πŸ’° !market return,marketId Market Cancels your Market listing and returns the item to your depot.
πŸ’° !market sell,item,amount Market Lists your item in the Market for the items you want in return.
πŸ“Ί /auth Streaming (Spectator) Authenticates to a Noxious Live broadcast
πŸ“Ί /name {NAME} Streaming (Spectator) Change the name that you use to chat with.
πŸ“Ί /show Streaming (Spectator) Displays the spectators currently watching the broadcast.
πŸ›‘ !bg Guild Broadcast a message to your guild.
πŸ›‘ !gb Guild Teleport to an open guild battle.
πŸ›‘ !go Guild Changes everybody in your guild to the same outfit.
πŸ›‘ /balance donate 1234 Guild Command for founder of guilds for pay money.
πŸ›‘ /balance pick 1234 Guild Command for founder of guilds for payout money.
πŸ›‘ /war accept,guild name Guild Accept the invitation to start a war.
πŸ›‘ /war cancel,guild name Guild This will cancel the invitation to the guild Black Ninjas.
πŸ›‘ /war end,guild name Guild Ends an active war with another guild.
πŸ›‘ /war invite,guild name,fraglimit Guild Send an invitation to start a war. Example: war invite,Black Ninjas,150
πŸ›‘ /war invite,guild name,fraglimit,money,time Guild Send an invitation to start a war. Example: war invite,Black Ninjas,150,10000,3 days.
πŸ›‘ /war reject,guild name Guild Reject the invitation to start a war.
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