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We hope this Wiki has been helpful to you! Right now, we have a team of software developers, Tibia veterans, high-level players and Tibia lovers contributing. You can help any way you want, even if it's just correcting grammar errors, fixing a few stats or suggesting new ideas!

There are three ways to help:

  • Click the Send Feedback button at the bottom of any page to send us a comment (don't forget to add your character name or nickname so we can identify and credit your contributions!)
  • Send an email to info at and we'll make you an Editor user (send the email through the address that you want to be linked to the Wiki), you must have contributed at least 5 times during the last week
  • Donate to help keep this website updated and running

Wiki Roadmap

The following are pending things we want to achieve in the wiki:

  • Add locations for each creature in the database: We are adding locations on where you can find each monster although it's still work in progress. If you can help, let us know!
  • Monster egg drop chance: Right now we've set it at 0.1% for every creature, although we know this could be more accurate.
  • Acronyms: if you know more acronyms please add them!
  • Add more Hunting spots and specify minimum and recommended levels


Special thanks to everyone that's been contributing to this Wiki and everyone else helping out in the forums, Help chat and more.

Writing and Formatting

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Special Pages

There's a few special pages that are generated automatically from an external Database, these pages include:

These special pages are regenerated every few hours so changes may appear, disappear, and then reappear again. Don't modify these pages since the Wiki will overwrite your changes, contact us instead.

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