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Custom Items


Here's the code to add to your Cavebot so you can loot all Custom Items:

12663  e king's relic
8822  e orb of enchantment
6545  e monster egg (godly)
6544  e monster egg (legendary)
6542  e monster egg (uncommon)
6543  e monster egg (rare)
6541  e monster egg (common)
12647  e noxiousot contest token
11666  e illusion flesh
8977  e book of the task master
74092  e chunk of crude iron
74093  e draconian steel
74097  e fighting spirit
74096  e hell steel
3997  e magical box
74091  e spider silk yarn
12658  e scroll of stamina
10342  e demonic token
8979  e experience boost (1 hour)
12655  e experience boost (2 hours)
12659  e experience boost (3 hours)
8175  e golden falcon
9056  e skull remover

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