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How to organize your Tibia Depot?

The first thing you should do is to go get backpacks of different colors, you can buy them from NPCs on different cities, check this, some quests will give you special backpacks although you can have enough variety just from NPC Shops.

We use Backpacks since they have 20 vol. and while chests, gift boxes and other containers look cute, they're not practical and end up being a disturbance more than helping. Also, deeper levels of backpacks can be any color, except on certain

Organize them by what each color reminds you most of, here's how we organize our Depot:

  • Special and expensive items (in a separate BP so they are not sold/given accidentally)
  • Random, amusing, miscellaneous
  • Stuff to sort later, Containers
    • Containers: one of each, full of the same type inside


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