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Dr Jones Quest

This Quest is missing crucial information. Please help!

The quest consists of a few missions and includes a final Boss fight. It is difficult, you shouldn't try to solo it. You will need a strong EK (210+) to tank and people to sio/heal.


You will find NPC Dr. Jones here:

Mission 1

(Missing info)

Colour order

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Red
  • Green

Mission 2: Forbidden Monsters

You need to find the key.

(Missing info)

Final Mission: Nightbane Boss

When you get to the room here:

Use the skeleton on the left of the room and then do exani hur “up” on the column South-East (at 1767 1394 10) two times (face south on the last one) so you end up at floor 8.

Go through the catwalk to the East, then North, then North up to a small room with a TP.

You will fight a Forbidden Beast, then go again through the TP North (when the water turns green).

You will arrive at the last room before the boss:

When you are all ready, click on the tresure to teleport to the Boss room:

Boss is Nightbane, don't stand on his beams, he spawns treasure chests (monsters).

You can trap Nightbane with two EKs to the North-West.

Once defeated go to the TP North-East and grab your rewards.

Return the scarab item to Dr. Jones for the 3,000,000 experience.

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Weekly Boss! Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm, 6pm and 10pm (East Coast time) at the arena (20 Noxious Tokens)