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ElfBot Cavebot

A huge list of ready-made Cavebot scripts can be found here.


To set points simply go to the item and click one of the buttons, which are described below.


Will be added to the position:

  • Center: where we stand.
  • North: 1 grid north of us (top).
  • East: 1 grid east of us (right).
  • South: 1 grid south of us (bottom).
  • West: 1 grid west of us (left).
  • North-West: 1 slant northwest of us (top left).
  • North-East: 1 checkered slope north-east of us (up-right).
  • South-East: 1 checkered slope south-east of us (bottom-right).
  • South-West: 1 slat south-west of the slope (down-left).


After clicking, an item is added with the following options:

  • Stand: will come to this place until it is reachable.
  • Node: similar to the Stand, but has the option to skip the data when, for example, we go a little chasing a monster. This option is available in Options.
  • Walk: character moves between waypoints. During the beating of a monster, the character stands to not paint more monsters.
  • Action: waypoint, which allows you to include a script in it. It is thanks to him to create things like depositer, refiler or selling loot. You can use exani to use exani hur up/down. Most often you have to precede it with another waypoint (e.g. Stand). At the end of the page you will find many examples of actions you can use.
  • Rope: uses rope to rope place. Before inserting this waypoint, you must use the next line on the line, e.g. stand.
  • Ladder: analogous to the Rope with the fact that it will climb the ladder here.
  • Shovel: analogous to the two previous ones, in that case use the shovel.
  • Lure: Used with the Lure target option with Targeting stance. Sets the waypoints in which the monster should be peeled. The character will stand at the location indicated by the waypoint and will stand there until the monster dies.
  • <: moves the waypoint up.
  • >: moves the waypoint down.
  • Clear: Clears entire list of waypoints. Be careful when using, because the unsaved waypoints will be lost forever.
  • Label: is called a given waypoint. Most commonly used for depositer, refiller, return to exp after death, etc.
  • Del: removes the selected waypoint.

Options for selection

  • Show labels: When a waypoint has a label added, its label is displayed instead of coordinates. A useful option, preferably have a still selected.
  • Follow waypoints: launch cavebot and thus - alarms, waypoints, scripts and looting.

Useful information

It is recommended to use a node without the option of skipping waypoints.

When using a waypoint override node, there may be errors such as skipping meaningful waypoints, not climbing stairs / teleports, etc.

To enter the stairs, we stand before them as if we wanted to enter them and for example when we click the arrow up we are entering them. If they are up from us then we choose “emplacement: north” and click on my node node.

Waypoints are added after the currently selected waypoint.

Waypoints are returned from the currently selected waypoint.

Cavebot Hotkeys

After clicking Edit a window with scripts assigned to our waypoints is displayed. Each script is added in a separate line. After paste, click Save / Restart. To assign scripts to waypoints on a constant, save the settings in the settings panel.

Not quite rightly overlooked by botters. I personally use this in every waypoint. Why not manually enable scripts such as exori beating monsters, since we can have it all under one button?


To add a item to the looting, first click on New and then enter in sequence from the left.

  • Item ID: You can find it here.
  • Destination:
    • 0-15: id window open backpacks.
    • E: Finds free space and throws items there.
    • E1: as above with the difference that it bypasses the first open window.
    • G: throws item under you (on ground).
  • Name: Here we can type anything, but it is best to enter the name of the item to then have no doubt that we have added the item we want to loot.

To remove item from looting, mark it and click Del.

We have a few Looting Item lists here ready for you to Copy-Paste:

If you want the bot to open non-standard backpacks / monster bags, use a script.

Saving & Loading settings

Used to save the entire cavebot.

First enter the name or search and then click one of the buttons.

  • Edit: the settings editing window is displayed. Here we can manually type the waypoints I do not recommend. When someone sends us waypoints in text form, we paste them here and then click Load Script . Then you can save.
  • Save: saves the current data under the name entered or searched earlier.
  • Load: loads the currently selected settings.


Alarms are used to inform us, stop cavebot, or turn off the game client.

  • S: sounds alarm.
  • P: pauses the cavebot.
  • X: tries to force logout.

S and P can be combined.

  • Player on screen: when there is a player on the screen who is not in our friends list.
  • GM / CM detected: when GM / CM appears on the screen.
  • Player attacking: when someone attacks us.
  • Default chat msg: when someone posts something on default.
  • Private chat msg: when we get a private message.
  • Disconnected: when we log out.


Use rope

Set which rope to use:

To use, for example, a pen knife, use the action and the corrresponding script.

Use shovel

Choose from which shovel to use:

To use, for example, a pen knife, use the action and the corresponding script.

Skip nearby nodes

This option is used to bypass the node waypoints when e.g. too far away. I do not recommend using because this option has a lot of errors

Open next bp

Opens another backpack when the current one is full.

Loot nearby targets

Opens the bodies of monsters that we killed and are next to us.

Loot distant targets

Remembers where we killed monsters and opens them only when we kill all the monsters on the screen.

Cavebot-specific scripts

These are to be used in the Action textbox:

  • changestance {monstername} {stancetype} {settingnumber} {monstercount}: will change the stance of a monster choosen on targeting
  • countitems {itemid}: will count how many items of a certain item, you’ve got
  • countitemsvisible {itemid}: will count how many visible items, you’ve got of a certain itemcountolditems
  • countolditems {itemid} {timems} {itemname}: will serverside count the desired item if no using one of xxx itemname has occurent in the last timems milliseconds
  • collectitems {backpack} {itemid1} {itemid2} {itemid3}: picks up the listed items from squares all around you to the target backpack.
  • dropitems {itemid1} {itemid2} {itemid3}…: will drop all listed items on the ground
  • dropitemsxyz {x} {y} {z} {itemid1} {itemid2} {itemid3}…: will drop all listed itemons on the ground on a specific x y z position
  • dropitemsxyzamount {x} {y} {z} {itemid} {amount}: drops a certain amount of an item onto a tile
  • goinvisible: casts utana vid if you are not currently invisible
  • gotolabel {labelname}: continues following waypoints at the waypoint for which you have set a specific label
  • pickupitems {backpack}: will pick up all items on the title you're currently standing on and move them to an open container window
  • pickupitemsamount {itemid} {amount} {backpack}: picks up a certain amount of an item that is on the same tile as you
  • skip: will skip to the next waypoint
  • stackitems: will stack all countable items that are split across piles of less than 100 together
  • wait {timems}: will wait a certain interval before executing the next command

Naming conventions

Once you decide to build your own Cavebot scripts, it is a good idea to standardize naming your labels so that each script is consistent. Here's a list of the suggested labels:

  • hunt: where the hunt begins and where it loops back to
  • depot: where the depot is and you can transfer all carried loot, usually after checking your remaining capacity
  • refill: the magic shop where you buy potions/sell empty pots
  • safezone: the nearest protection zone in case of PKs
  • temple: if you die, you will respawn here
  • For routes, we suggest using the format origin-to-destination, so for example: temple-to-hunt, hunt-to-depot, depot-to-hunt, hunt-to-refill, etc.

Scripting code for refilling, depot transferring, PK detection and more can be found here.

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