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Elfbot Extras

  • Framerate booster: When we minimize Tibia it will not consume much CPU. Useful when you want more MultiClients active than your computer can handle. You must minimize the window, it is not enough to switch to another Tibia or program.
  • World Only View: See only the world of Tibia. The rest of the settings disappear, it is worth checking out for yourself how it works.
  • Open windows small: Opens containers as small windows. For example, if we have a full backpack full and selected this option, when we open the backpack it will only have the height of one item and not 5.
  • Keep charlist open: The charlist window does not disappear when you log out. This doesn't mean that we do not have to enter a password twice when we go to an MC not logged in.
  • Load settings at login: After logging in, loads the last saved settings.
  • Open backpacks at login: Opens the main backpack and backpacks that are in the main backpack. The rest, i.e. a backpack that is in a backpack that is in the main backpack will not be opened.
  • Ignore locked bot thread: ignores closed thread bot.
  • Do not flash screen on alert: Does not flash the screen during an alarm.
  • Click reuse enabled: If we use a potion on a player, it will be held until we click the right button. It can also serve MW and other run/items.
  • X-ray view: You see the names of monsters and players below and above, and when a player is on the roof, his name is displayed.
  • Alternate time format: 24 hour clock mode.
  • Use old rune aiming: Bot does not use hotkeys to use runes. For example, if we have set the targeting of the SD in the monster, and marked this option we have to have open SD backpack. When the SD backpack is closed we will not shoot the rune.
    Something for the old Tibia style. Does not apply to our hotkeys. Many sites incorrectly state that this applies to our hotkeys in Tibia which is a misleading information.
  • Take screenshot at death: When we die, Elbot makes a screenshot that is saved in an elfbot folder. Useful when leaving e.g. a bot for the night and want to know how we died.
  • Load last skin: Loads the last skin used.
  • Non-pvp mode: Ignores players. Do not mark on PVP servers.

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