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ElfBot Hotkeys

Hotkeys enabled

Enable/Disable the Hotkeys feature.

Hotkey list

In each subsequent line we enter the following data:

  • On the left side we mark the hotkey to be active.
  • In the middle we put the conditions under which the script should be activated.
  • On the right side we paste/type the script. To edit the script we must first deselect the line.


p auto 5000 say 'utani hur'

When you click the p key every 5 seconds the bot will write to the default chat utani hur.

After removing the auto 5000, the bot after each click of p would write utani hur.

Persistent Scripts

Make sure that the persistent script is active.

Very useful for, for example, treatment.

We paste the script that cures us and we are not worried anymore whether we have it turned on because it activates when the settings are loaded.

Each script is entered in a separate line. You have a few examples here.

Create Hotkey

Here we can create simple scripts, however, this wizard does not have all the options and variables.

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