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Elfbot HUD

HUD is divided into 2 parts:

  • Player info: Player info.
  • Display options: All the rest of the information, such as spells, deaths, MW time.

Player info

  • Player Info Enabled: In order for information in this category to be active, we must enable this.
  • Show guild name: the name of the guild will be displayed under the player's name.
  • Show vocation, level, hp: the player's name will be displayed information about his profession, level and value of life.
  • Show estimated mana: Possible mana number, not useful when OTS is a mana edited.
  • Look at players automatically: If we do not have this information, we will only have information about those players we have information on (we have to click).
  • Cache player information: information about players will be saved in the elfbot folder.
  • Look and update cached entries: bot will update the collected data if we have checked the options above. If, for example, a player who has not seen one day has dug 10 levels of experience, then the bot will save new information so that the data is up to date.

To activate the changes click save.

Display options

  • On-screen Info Enabled: Activates the selected options.
  • General Information: in the upper right corner you will see information about - ping, exp/h, stime, last/current character target.
  • Death timers: information about deaths in front of our eyes from the last 15 min.
  • Magic wall timers: information about when MW will disappear or the bush that was thrown before our eyes.
  • Activated hotkeys / shortkeys: displays scripts that are active. Applies to all scripts - hotkey / shortkey / cavebot hotkeys / persistent.
  • Healing percentages: information on HP/percent healing.
  • Damage per second: the amount of damage dealt to the player for a second.
  • Navigation & exiva players: Edge will display the position of the player from the navigation or the player that we exiva for navigation. This value is accurate, in the case of exiva, the value is approximate depending on the results.

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