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ElfBot Lists

Lists are for specifying friends and enemies. Very useful when we use Aimbot and to customize how we treat friends, or if we want to decide how to act on a Team Party.


  • Enemy names: Here we add a list of our enemies.
  • Subenemy names: Here we also add a list of enemies, but with less priority (less important).
  • Friend names: Here we add a list of your friends.
  • Subfriend names: Here we also add a list of our friends, but with less priority (less important).

When, for example, we set the treatment of friends as needed, the first will always be cured Friend and then Subfriend.

To add whole guilds, just insert the guild name and after *. For example, Hell Angels *, where Hell Angels is the name of the guild. Each player/guild goes in a separate line.


  • Team Marks: with the names of the players appear, signs:
    • F: Friend
    • SF: Subfriend
    • E: Enemy
    • SE: Subenemy
  • Color outfits of listed players: Change the costume of enemies / friends in turn red / blue.
  • Treat war enemies as: players with a red “badge” (enemy guild)
  • Enemies: will be added to Enemies
  • Subenemies: will be added to Subenemies
  • Treat war allies as: players with green badge (your guild)
  • Friends: will be added to Friends
  • Subfriends: will be added to Subfriends
  • Invite Requests: If you enter inv, then when a friend from your friend list says inv party, he will be invited to the party. He can also write inv channel to be invited to your private channel.

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