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Enchanted Spear

Enchanted Spear Enchanted Spear
Description You see an enchanted spear (Range:4, Atk:38, Def:0).
It can only be wielded properly by players of level 42 or higher.
It weighs 20.00 oz.
Item ID 7367
Category Throwables
NPC Price 0 gp
Weight 20.00 oz
Range 4
Attack 38

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Dropped by

Enchanted Spear is dropped by the following creatures:

Creature Chance (%) Exp Exp/HP ratio Health Armor Defense Attack (melee) Attack (magic)
Mystical Knight Mystical Knight 24 4600 0.88 5200 40 40 200 193

Enchanted Spear is not needed for any Outfit Addons.

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