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Enchanting Items

In NoxiousOT, you have Magic Find. The higher your Magic find is, the higher chance you get to loot enchanted items.

Enchanted items are items that have bonuses on them, and cannot be enchanted with an Orb of enchantment, because they already have a bonus. They also have the same ID as the regular item. You can see your Magic Find by writing !mf. You can improve your Magic Find by:

  • leveling
  • wearing a Cursed Magic Find Amulet (100% MF)
  • absorbing Magical boxes (25% MF each box, you can absorb 10, which gives a total of 250% MF)
  • rebirthing (every time you rebirth, you get 25% MF, this will only happen with the first 5 rebirths)
  • You can also improve magic find by 100% by trading 15 Illusion flesh to the Oracle of Delusion, inside the TP under Thais depot, called Dream world.

How do I know that I’ve looted an enchanted item (rare)?

When you’re hunting, after a creature has died, and it has an enchanted item inside, it will appear “RARE” on top of the body, and it will sparkle for a bit. Also, the name of the item in default channel will be different from the regular name it would appear, if it wasn’t a rare item. There is no way to auto-detect them with Elfbot though.

NOTE: Enchanted items, the ones you loot from monsters, can be used to get Magical dust. Each item gives 2 magical dust. You can used 10 of them to the Captain Spellstorm Quest.

Character limits

There are certain limits on the effectiveness of enchanted items based on vocation:

Vocation Health Mana Magic Level Skills Speed Regeneration
Mages 250 1000 40 - 100 75
Paladins 400 500 15 40 100 75
Knights 600 300 6 40 100 75

Bonus Stats

  • 🥾 Speed: increases your walking speed
  • 💨 Attack Speed: makes you attack faster (only with your carried weapon, not spells)
  • 🥋 Armor: increases your Armor Points
  • 💢 Defense: increases your Defence Points
  • 🛡 Shield: improves Shielding skill
  • 💥 Damage: increases your damage (only weapon-based attack, not spells)
  • Skills: improves Sword, Axe and Club skills
  • 🏹 Distance: improves Distance skill
  • 🔮 Magic: increases your Magic level
  • ❤️ Health: increases your Health Points
  • 💙 Mana: increases your Mana Points
  • 💕 Regeneration: increases your regeneration rate
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