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A new event occurs every 30 minutes (usually at :23 and :53 every hour). You need to be at least level 80 (or 100 for some) to enter an event. All events except for Bosses are usually highly competitive and dirty tactics like pushing and blocking are used, be ready.

For some events, whenever there's not enough players, the event will be cancelled and you will be rewarded 5 Noxious tokens.

The Official Rules state that you must not use Bots or any other similar tool to cheat during Events, although some players use them.

Most games last 10 minutes, if you can't commit until the end then avoid participating since you will end up getting banned since you cannot exit a game once it has started and most players will report you for not participating or being AFK.

When talking about scores, it means you will only win 15 tokens if you score in the event. For example, by playing Team Deathmatch, you'll only get 15 tokens if you win, and if you get at least 1 kill. Considering King Of The Hill, to score you only have to step on the event squares, when they're active.

🚩 Capture The Flag 🚩

Two teams compete against each other to try and grab the opponent's flag. Once a player grabs a flag, his outfit changes to a Demon.

The strategy here is very simple, choose either to defend or to attack. Attacking should only be done by high-level knights, otherwise, you risk dying often and giving free points to the enemy. To defend, block the narrowest point so the enemy can't get to the flag (and can't escape either). Remember to carry a Fire Bomb Rune so you can cast fire fields below and around your team so enemies can't push you. Always attack the weakest player (usually not knights), you can see this by observing the Battle section and seeing who gets to the lowest health every turn.

Capturing the flag scores 20 points for your team. Killing an enemy scores 1 point for your team.

Prize: 15 tokens (win+score), 10 tokens (win+no score), 5 tokens (lose), 2 extra tokens per delivered flag

🧟 Zombie 🧟

An infected creature will try and touch players, every few seconds a new creature will appear. Once touched, you lose. Try and stay as further away as possible, other players will try and block you or use you as a human shield. Minimum 6 players.

You must be level 100+ to participate.

Prize: 20 tokens (1st place), 15 tokens (2nd place), 10 tokens (3rd place), 5 tokens (4th place)

🐲 Boss Battles 🐲

Two teams in separate rooms fight against a list of Bosses. A good strategy is for Druids to carry a Wild Growth Rune and trap the Boss in some corner while everyone attacks from a distance. You can use spells such as exori con or Summon Creature but can't use some Runes. If the Boss kills you, you become a Ghost for 10 seconds until you respawn again and give the opposing team 1 point. Each Boss gives 30 points. There's little luck in this game, the strongest team wins, if you get in a team with a high level char then you will probably win.

Strategy by Vocation

  • Druids: Carry a Wild Growth Rune to create a trap in a corner, then summon 2 Fire Elemental to help you. Activate your Magic Shield (utamo vita) at all times.
  • Sorcerers: Summon 2 Fire Elemental to help you and attack with waves. Activate your Magic Shield (utamo vita) at all times.
  • Paladins: Attack and exori con.
  • Knights: Lure the monster into the trap, the mummy monster can be melee attacked.


  1. Sobek (hardly spawns unless you kill other bosses very quickly)

Prize: 15 tokens (win+score), 10 tokens (win+no score), 5 tokens (lose)

🦠 The Plague 🦠

Green squares (safe zones) will appear randomly on each turn, the idea is to stay in a safe zone before the timer runs out (between 8 and 12 seconds). At the end of each turn, anyone outside of a safe zone loses a life, or you regain one if you have one or two lifes. You have three lives and your outfit will change accordingly (green, yellow, red). Beware because other players can push you outside of a safe zone. Sometimes a Revert! will occur and you will respawn at the center of the arena.

Prize: 25 tokens (1st place), 15 tokens (2nd place), 10 tokens (3rd place)

πŸ’£ Time Bomb πŸ’£

The objective of the event is to avoid the player who becomes the Time Bomb (in black outfit), he has a 10-second countdown before he explodes in a 3×3 fire bomb. You can only take 3 damage before being eliminated but can take 2 damage at once. You can't use Haste or other spells but can equip +Speed items. The trick is to equip as many Speed bonus items as possible, including a time ring and then just following people when you are the bomb, or moving around when not.

Prize: 25 tokens? (1st place), 15 tokens (2nd place), 10 tokens (3rd place), nothing (loser)

In this game, the fastest (highest level/Speed set) always wins since he can run faster and just Follow other players, there is no escape if the Time Bomb runs faster. This Event is pointless for low levels, you will always lose and you get nothing at all (not even for participating). You don't even get the 5 tokens for waiting if there are not enough players so unless you have a high-level and speed-set don't even waste your time.

πŸ‘½ The Infected πŸ‘½

The objective of this event is to avoid being infected by other players. The longer you stay alive the more score you will gain!

You must be level 100+ to participate.

Prize: 15 tokens (for the 50% people that have more points), 5 tokens (for the other 50%). 15min Stamina

πŸ—» King Of The Hill πŸ—»

The objective of this game is to stand on the capture points (when they're active) to gain score for your team. You must be level 100+ to participate.

Prize: 15 tokens (win+score), 10 tokens (win+no score), 5 tokens (lose)

πŸ‘‘ Defend The King πŸ‘‘

Two teams compete against each other to defend the King from being killed.

Prize: 15 tokens (win+score), 10 tokens (win+no score), 5 tokens (lose)

βš” Team Deathmatch βš”

Two teams fight against each other and you score for each frag. Remember to concentrate the attack on the same enemy as your team and avoid attacking high level players since it will take too much time to kill = no scoring. Find the weakest enemy and target him ad nauseam, it adds the same points as anybody else and will be much easier than someone stronger. Never go alone, your team can help you heal and kill the enemy faster by comboing.

Prize: 15 tokens (win+score), 10 tokens (win+no score), 5 tokens (lose)

🎈 Noxious Party 🎈

Two teams compete in a collection of short mini-games:

  • Quiz: A question such as: Complete the series: 2, 4, 6, … to which you need to say !np 8 faster than the other team.
  • Dance: A message shows Turn EAST and everybody on the team needs to turn to the East to score.
  • Goblins: Goblins will spawn and try and touch you to explode. The trick here is to surround all your team with firebombs and attack them before they get close wining 3 points. DO NOT MOVE or they will follow the shortest path to you! If they explode near a player, that team loses points.
  • Trash: A lot of trash will appear on the map, your goal is to first find the right colored tile (throw one item of trash on each tile until one of them gets highlighted with a border) then push all trash in there, not on the other tiles!
  • Soccer: Push the balls to the green goals, balls can only be pushed one square away from you so work as a team to move them.
  • Channeling Demon: Attack the Channeling Demon when it is red, stop when green. First team to kill it wins.
  • Zombies: Avoid getting them too close. Take special care of the Ghosts because they go invisible. A good idea is to run to a corner and summon a couple Fire Elemental to block you.
  • Volcano: Avoid getting hit by the volcano eruptions, these are 3×3 and you get a brief warning on where it's going to drop.

Prize: 15 tokens (win+score), 10 tokens (win+no score), 5 tokens (lose)

🏐 Dodgeball 🏐

Two teams, one at the top and one at the bottom, throw balls at each other. To throw a ball just right-click it. Note that you can move the ball by dragging it.

A team with an AFK player is a sure way to quickly win or lose. If you spot an AFK player in your team, quickly report it /report Afk Player and let your team know too /team /report Afk Player so he gets kicked before the enemy team can score any points. On the other hand, if you spot an AFK player on the opposite team, drag all balls to hit him, even let your team know about it and you will quickly win the match.

Prize: 15 tokens (win), 5 tokens (lose or tie). 15min Stamina

Other Events

Weekly Boss

Weekly boss is a monster that spawns six times per week, those times being 2pm, 6pm and 10pm every Saturday and Sunday. You'll be rewarded 20 Noxious tokens and 10 Store Credits per each defeat, yet you can only do it with 1 character per IP address. This is a great and easy way to earn tokens, although take care if you are low level, as always, there's assholes that will push you into the attack zone of the Boss and block you with Magic Wall/Wild Growth so you get killed. If the area is crowded and you can't hit the Boss, simply throw an Avalanche Rune in his direction and look at the Server Log chat to see if you damaged the Boss even for 1 HP, if you did, just wait anywhere in the arena and you will receive the tokens. Also, don't stay too close to the PZ since assholes may push you inside the PZ just before the Boss dies and you will not earn the tokens.

EST (US East, Server Time) CET (Europe Central) Australia (Canberra)
Saturday 2pm Saturday 7-8pm Sunday 4am
Saturday 6pm Saturday 12am Sunday 8am
Saturday 10pm Sunday 4am Sunday 12pm
Sunday 2pm Sunday 7-8pm Monday 4am
Sunday 6pm Sunday 12am Monday 8am
Sunday 10pm Monday 4am Monday 12pm

Prize: 20 tokens & 10 Store Credits

Lazy Mondays

Every Monday you can get a 50% boost in magic level or a skill of your choice during 3 hours (you must be level 80+). Use the command !lazymonday magic or !lazymonday distance to activate it.

Pay Day

On Fridays, teams that win on Events win 50% more tokens. You also receive extra rewards finishing Slayer Tasks.


Type !lottery join to join the lottery. It costs 5 Noxious Tokens and the price varies each time. Winner is drawn a few minutes later.

Prize: Varies (i.e. 15 gold nuggets)


A new Trivia pops up several times a day. Type !trivia and then choose one of the 4 options. You have one minute which gives you just enough time to search the answer online. Some questions repeat themselves after a while so you will eventually remember the answers. Checking the Global chat in case someone posted the answer can be a good idea although beware of trolls shouting a wrong answer.

Prize: 5 tokens for correct answer


Every now and then there are raids announced, these can either be massive spawns of monsters near cities (Scarabs in Ankrahmun, Giant Spiders in Plains of Havoc, Raiders in Svargrond, Orcs in Thais, Undead in Darashia, etc.) or special bosses (Ferumbras, Morgaroth, The Many in Port Hope, Necropharus in Drefia Dungeons, etc.). Some items are only obtainable by killing these special bosses so it is a great opportunity to loot them. You need to be careful though since teams of players will compete for the loot and you may get murdered.

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Weekly Boss! Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm, 6pm and 10pm (East Coast time) at the arena (20 Noxious Tokens)