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Frequently Asked Questions

What are these Blue Shields next to some Players?

It means they are a member of a guild.

Where can I get creature outfits?

In the Casino, East of the Slot Machines, you can use the lever to get a random outfit (a random one, not necessarily the one shown above). It costs 1 Noxious Token.

Another option is to use the Creature Illusion (Sorcerers and Druids) spell (i.e. utevo res ina “panda) but it only lasts 3 minutes.

You can also get an outfit of an item with the Chameleon Rune (3 minutes).

Where can I buy parcels?

Below Thais Depot, talk to [Misc] Benjamin.

Does the Ice Rapier break?

Yes! So be mindful.

Why do some players "puff" smoke all the time?

They are casting a spell that can't be casted (wrong vocation, low mana, etc.). This is a cheeky hack that makes them unmovable, you will mostly see them in protection zones like Depots. This way, no one can drag them somewhere else.

Should I become a citizen of another city?

No. There is no incentive in living somewhere else than Thais, which is the only city that has TPs to hunting zones, Training targets, Events, Casino, etc. Many other cities have NPC shops though, but you will still need to spend considerable amounts of time and money just traveling from your city to Thais to whatever hunting zone… and back. This issue was discussed here a while back but nothing has changed, living in Thais and being careful of Player Killers is the most sensible thing to do.

How does one get to the Forbidden Lands next to Banuta?

By the southeast corner of Banuta there is an NPC that will teleport you over to the Forbidden Lands, say transport.

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Weekly Boss! Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm, 6pm and 10pm (East Coast time) at the arena (20 Noxious Tokens)