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Golden Falcon

Golden Falcon Golden Falcon
Description The Golden Falcon teleports you to a specific city instantly.

It can be purchased from the Token Shop or the Market. It has unlimited uses but can only be activated when you're not in combat and it has a cooldown of 1 minute between each use.

You can keep it and use it from within your backpack.

Since the 2020 era, Golden Falcons are either for Home or a specific city (Thais, Carlin, etc.), so you could essentially carry several of them to teleport to more than one place.

Poor man's Golden Falcon: If you can't afford a Golden Falcon yet, remember that every 30 minutes you can use the command !event which will teleport you to an event, exiting the event will get you back to Thais.
Item ID 8175
Category Custom Items
NPC Price 0 gp
Market Price 92 NT
Weight 20.00 oz

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Enchanted Stats

Bonus Stats Max Value
❤️ Health 21
💙 Mana 65
💕 Regeneration 8
🔮 Magic Level 3

Based on the highest stats found on offered items in the Market during this Era.

Golden Falcon is not dropped by creatures.

Golden Falcon is not needed for any Outfit Addons.

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