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Hunting Zones

Here's a list of many of the custom hunting zones in NoxiousOT. You may find Boat Routes useful to see how to get to each place.

Zone Level Min Level Max Description
Dredmor 150 180 This zone is filled with many custom monsters. You should be at least level 150+ to hunt here.
Twoson 80 200 You should be at least level 80+ to hunt at the entrance. The North-west mountains require level 110+. The Crypts to the south are extremely difficult. The southern spawns require level 175+.
Dream 150 250 Your mind is playing tricks on you. You begin to fall into a dream-like state. This zone is unpredictable and difficult.
Dusty Dunes 80 250 This zone contains Dragon Lord, Dusty Nomad and more. To get here, go to Onett and then go East on the main street, go downstairs and get the boat to dusty dunes (it costs 800gp to get there, return is free).
Maple 150 250 Accessible through the Rebirth teleport.
Mistery 70 100 You should be at least level 70+ to hunt here. This zone contains Hydras, Giant Spiders, Heroes, Lizards and Infernalists.
Onett 100 160 A massive zone, the northern part can be attempted by level 100+ players. The southern part has more difficult custom monsters.
Threed 90 150 You should be at least level 90+ to hunt in the tower. The cave entrance leads to massive spawn for players level 130+.
Abyss Accessible through the Rebirth teleport.
Yalahar 150 200
Winters 110 180 Winters has three main zones including the Frost Dragon Mountain and Snow Wood.
Okolnir Accessible through a boat in Svargrond.
Travincal 30 175 You should be at least level 30+ for the starting zone (or have good Equipment). The northern castle is more difficult and requires level 175+. (Link is not up to date since the reset of August 2017)
Hope 110 160 You should be at least level 110+ to hunt here. The caves and northern part of Hope is a bit harder and requires level 140+.
Treasure 80 160 The entrance has weaker monsters for level 80+ players. You should be at least level 140+ to hunt here.
Jungle 80 140 This zone contains various spawns, quests and custom monsters. You should be at least level 80+ to start hunting here.
Kurast 180 250 Kurast is a hunting zone in Dredmor, it costs 3 gold nugget (one-time payment per player) to get to. It contains the Kurast creatures (Kurast Guard, Kurast Alchemist, Kurast Marksmen, Alchemist Minion) as well as Sewer Beast.
Mintwallin 175 250 This zone has been reworked and contains custom Elite Minotaur creatures (Elite Minotaur Archer, etc.) that can make hunting worth it for levels 200+. The Paradox Tower quest happens here.
Thais The main city in Tibia, it has many teleports to custom zones below the Depot.
Thais Sewers Downstairs at the Thais Depot, Rotworms will provide great Experience without the risk of being surrounded by too many. In 15-30 minutes of hunting here through you should be strong enough to move forward.
Banuta 150 250 Banuta is an underground city in Tiquanda, north of Port Hope. It has many levels of a variety of monsters and also contains Quests.
Library 175 250 The Library zone includes a Castle.
Lizard City 120 150 Also known as Razzachai. Access is gained through the Wrath of the Emperor Quest.
Venore 180 220
Frost Dragon Mountain Accessible via Winters.
Snow Wood Accessible via Winters.
Corrupted Island You can find the quest God of Death here.
Roshamuul 200 250 A new zone added in the 2019 era.
Dream Orc Camp Take the bridge north and then go west the mountain.
Hub Shortcut
Demon Forge
Demona 70 200 Demona is hidden below the Maze of Lost Souls.
Drefia Dungeons 160 250

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