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Kurast is a hunting zone in Dredmor, it costs 3 gold nugget (one-time payment per player) to get to. It contains the Kurast creatures (Kurast Guard, Kurast Alchemist, Kurast Marksmen, Alchemist Minion) as well as Sewer Beast.

Go to Dreadmor and then east from the boat, dash East from Water elemental, then go North to the NPC.

This zone is good for Knights and Paladins.

The quest for the Shaman Addon is also here.

Creatures found in Kurast

Creature Exp Exp/HP ratio Health Armor Defense Attack (melee) Attack (magic)
Kurast Marksmen Kurast Marksmen 6800 7900 0.86 55 55 200 275
Kurast Guard Kurast Guard 6500 8100 0.8 45 45 250 163
Sewer Beast Sewer Beast 6400 7300 0.88 10 25 0 233
Kurast Alchemist Kurast Alchemist 4700 5200 0.9 60 70 160 231

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