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The Market is a player-to-player trading system in which sellers place fixed offers on the website. Most transactions are done through Noxious Tokens although they can also be Premium points. Check the NPC Shop for item prices and their weight to GP ratio,

You can place a maximum of 25 items on sale simultaneously.


  • !market help
  • !market list
  • !market buy
  • !market sell
  • !market info
  • !market return

What does it do? Why should I use it?

The Item Market is a new feature that lets you create automatic trades. You can use this feature to create your own personal shop or browse items for sale by anyone in the server.

After you list your item for sale, anybody in the server can instantly purchase it and you will get a parcel containing the items you requested.

You can list any item you want in the market, including enchanted items. You can request any item you want in return for your item including premium points. You could exchange an enchanted weapon for a red piece of cloth if you wanted!

By using this new Market system, you can now complete trades while you're offline safely and everything is automatic. You don't have to PM players to find out they are AFK or find out they don't want your items.

How do I sell an item?

You must place the item you want to sell in your arrow ammo (aka belt) slot and type the item name and the amount of that item you want to receive in return.

You can ask for any item in return including premium points. You are not restricted to gold or noxious tokens. You can ask for a blue piece of cloth, a magical box or 10 orb of enchantments if you wanted.


  • !market sell,noxious token,75: Anybody can buy your item for 75 noxious tokens.
  • !market sell,premium points,2000: Anybody can buy your item for 2000 premium points.

How do I buy an item?

Every item in the market has a unique ID which you can use to buy, view information or return it to your inventory. After you find the item you want to purchase just type: !market buy,ID.

You can view a listing of all items for sale by typing: !market list or by visiting the website. You can view more information about items by typing: !market info,ID.

Everything in the market is fully automatic. You don't have to wait for players to be online and you'll receive the item in your Thais Depot instantly after purchasing it.


  • !market buy,35: Buy the market item with ID 35.

How do I view items for sale?

It's highly recommend you use the official website to view items in the market. You're limited to viewing the last 15 market listings in-game. The website allows you to search by item name, player name and item stats.

You can view items for sale in-game by typing: !market list or easily search all items on the website.


  • !market list: View the last 15 items
  • !market list,YOURNAME: View your recently listed items.
  • !market list,PLAYERNAME: View another players listed items.

How do I cancel a market listing?

You can cancel a market listing by typing: !market return,ID. You can view a list of your market listings by typing: !market list,YOURNAME. After you cancel your market listing the item will be parcelled back to you.


  • !market return,5: Cancel the market listing with ID 5 and return the item to your inventory.
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