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Full Noxious OT map download

Since January 24, 2020 NoxiousOT has released the official map files, you should try those first, we are leaving this page here in case they removed something and for historical reasons. Download the official map from here.

The current map features all Tibia mainland and islands, custom Hunting Zones and Events.

Download Noxious OT full game map
Last updated: 22 May 2019

If you have a better map or want to improve it, follow steps 3 to 5 from the Installation instructions below and send the .map files to info at We will merge the maps with yours and send them back to you, so that you get your existing map + all the new stuff you haven't discovered yet.

You can also stream live (/live on) wherever you go hunting or exploring, please send a letter or private message to World Explorer.

Installation instructions

  1. Download the Zip file above
  2. Extract the map files into a folder
  3. Go to Run and type in %appdata%, press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  4. Open up Tibia and open up the folder called Automap
  5. Make a backup of the Automap folder
  6. Copy all of the map files into that folder (if you haven't explored much then choose to Replace files, if you have explored choose not to Replace so you only add the new parts)
  7. Disconnect and Reconnect Tibia so the minimap refreshes

Map images

Here you can find all Tibia (official) Maps as PNG images in full resolution:

Tibia Map Viewer

There's a pretty neat program that serves as a full-screen viewer and Mark editor, you can use it to grasp a full overview of your map and any other one. It also has a tool to merge two Automap folders into one.


We would like to thank all the people that have collaborated in building the map:

Please do not link directly to the Zip file since it changes periodically! Link to this page instead.

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