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Items Price Weight
Nature Magic Spellbook Nature Magic Spellbook 0 58.00
Worn Leather Boots Worn Leather Boots 0
The Ring Of The Count The Ring Of The Count 0 0.75
Huge Chunk Of Crude Iron Huge Chunk Of Crude Iron 100000 50.00
Shard Shard 1000 19.00
Ape Fur Ape Fur 0
Badger Fur Badger Fur 0
Bamboo Stick Bamboo Stick 0
Bat Wing Bat Wing 0
Bear Paw Bear Paw 0
Behemoth Claw Behemoth Claw 0
Beholder Eye Beholder Eye 0
Black Token Black Token 0
Blood Preservation Blood Preservation 0
Bloody Pincers Bloody Pincers 0
Bonelord Eye Bonelord Eye 0
Bony Tail Bony Tail 0
Brimstone Fang Brimstone Fang 0
Brimstone Fangs Brimstone Fangs 0
Carrion Worm Fang Carrion Worm Fang 0
Cat's Paw Cat's Paw 0
Ceiron's Wolf Tooth Chain Ceiron's Wolf Tooth Chain 0
Centipede Leg Centipede Leg 0
Chicken Feather Chicken Feather 0
Cockroach Leg Cockroach Leg 0
Colourful Feather Colourful Feather 0
Cursed Shoulder Spikes Cursed Shoulder Spikes 0
Cyclops Toe Cyclops Toe 0
Dead Frog Dead Frog 0
Dead Snake Dead Snake 0
Demon Dust Demon Dust 0
Demon Horn Demon Horn 0
Downy Feather Downy Feather 0
Dracola's Eye Dracola's Eye 0
Dragon Claw Dragon Claw 0
Dragon's Tail Dragon's Tail 0
Dwarven Beard Dwarven Beard 0
Elder Beholder Tentacle Elder Beholder Tentacle 0
Explorer Brooch Explorer Brooch 0
Eye Patch Eye Patch 0
Fish Fin Fish Fin 0
Fish Flakes Fish Flakes 0
Flask Of Embalming Fluid Flask Of Embalming Fluid 0
Flask Of Warrior's Sweat Flask Of Warrior's Sweat 0
Frost Giant Pelt Frost Giant Pelt 0
Gear Wheel Gear Wheel 0
Giant Eye Giant Eye 0
Girlish Hair Decoration Girlish Hair Decoration 0
Goblin Ear Goblin Ear 0
Golden Newspaper Golden Newspaper 0
Golem Part Golem Part 0
Green Dragon Leather Green Dragon Leather 0
Green Dragon Scale Green Dragon Scale 0
Hair Of A Banshee Hair Of A Banshee 0
Half-digested Piece Of Meat Half-digested Piece Of Meat 0
Handmaiden's Protector Handmaiden's Protector 0
Hardened Bone Hardened Bone 0
Haunted Piece Of Wood Haunted Piece Of Wood 0
Hellspawn Tail Hellspawn Tail 0
High Guard's Shoulderplates High Guard's Shoulderplates 0
Honeycomb Honeycomb 0
Hook Hook 0
Hydra Egg Hydra Egg 0
Hydra Head Hydra Head 0
Hydra Tongue Hydra Tongue 0
Imperor's Trident Imperor's Trident 0
Iron Ore Iron Ore 0
Legionairre Flags Legionairre Flags 0
Lion's Mane Lion's Mane 0
Lizard Leather Lizard Leather 0
Lizard Scale Lizard Scale 0
Magic Sulphur Magic Sulphur 0
Mammoth Tusk Mammoth Tusk 0
Mantassin Tail Mantassin Tail 0
Mini Mummy Mini Mummy 0
Minotaur Horn Minotaur Horn 0
Minotaur Leather Minotaur Leather 0
Miraculum Miraculum 0
Morgaroth's Heart Morgaroth's Heart 0
Mr. Punish's Handcuffs Mr. Punish's Handcuffs 0
Mutated Bat Ear Mutated Bat Ear 0
Mutated Rat Tail Mutated Rat Tail 0
Nettle Spit Nettle Spit 0
Orc Leather Orc Leather 0
Orc Tooth Orc Tooth 0
Orc Tusk Orc Tusk 0
Orshabaal's Brain Orshabaal's Brain 0
Peg Leg Peg Leg 0
Perfect Behemoth Fang Perfect Behemoth Fang 0
Piece Of Archer Armor Piece Of Archer Armor 0
Piece Of Crocodile Leather Piece Of Crocodile Leather 0
Piece Of Dead Brain Piece Of Dead Brain 0
Piece Of Draconian Steel Piece Of Draconian Steel 0
Piece Of Hell Steel Piece Of Hell Steel 0
Piece Of Hellfire Armor Piece Of Hellfire Armor 0
Piece Of Iron Piece Of Iron 0
Piece Of Marble Rock Piece Of Marble Rock 0
Piece Of Massacre's Shell Piece Of Massacre's Shell 0
Piece Of Royal Satin Piece Of Royal Satin 0
Piece Of Royal Steel Piece Of Royal Steel 0
Piece Of Scarab Shell Piece Of Scarab Shell 0
Piece Of Warrior Armor Piece Of Warrior Armor 0
Pile Of Grave Earth Pile Of Grave Earth 0
Plasmother's Remains Plasmother's Remains 0
Poison Spider Shell Poison Spider Shell 0
Polar Bear Paw Polar Bear Paw 0
Protective Charm Protective Charm 0
Quara Pincers Quara Pincers 0
Red Dragon Claw Red Dragon Claw 0
Red Dragon Leather Red Dragon Leather 0
Red Dragon Scale Red Dragon Scale 0
Replica Of The Sceptre Replica Of The Sceptre 0
Rotten Meat Rotten Meat 0
Scorpion Tail Scorpion Tail 0
Scroll Of Heroic Deeds Scroll Of Heroic Deeds 0
Scythe Leg Scythe Leg 0
Sea Serpent Scale Sea Serpent Scale 0
Shaggy Tail Shaggy Tail 0
Silky Fur Silky Fur 0
Silver Goblet Silver Goblet 0
Skunk Tail Skunk Tail 0
Small Flask Of Eyedrops Small Flask Of Eyedrops 0
Small Notebook Small Notebook 0
Snake Sceptre Snake Sceptre 0
Snake Sceptre (ornament) Snake Sceptre (ornament) 0
Snake Sceptre (part) Snake Sceptre (part) 0
Snake Sceptre (shaft) Snake Sceptre (shaft) 0
Sniper Gloves Sniper Gloves 0
Some Leaves Some Leaves 0
Soul Orb Soul Orb 0
Soul Stone Soul Stone 0
Spider Silk Spider Silk 0
Spooky Blue Eye Spooky Blue Eye 0
Stone Stone 0
Stone Wing Stone Wing 0
Striped Fur Striped Fur 0
Talon Talon 0
Tarantula Egg Tarantula Egg 0
Tattered Piece Of Robe Tattered Piece Of Robe 0
Thick Fur Thick Fur 0
Tic-tac-toe Token (o) Tic-tac-toe Token (o) 0
Tic-tac-toe Token (x) Tic-tac-toe Token (x) 0
Turtle Shell Turtle Shell 0
Tusk Tusk 0
Twigs Twigs 0
Vampire Dust Vampire Dust 0
Vampire Teeth Vampire Teeth 0
Warmaster's Wristguards Warmaster's Wristguards 0
Warwolf Fur Warwolf Fur 0
Werewolf Fur Werewolf Fur 0
White Token White Token 0
Winged Tail Winged Tail 0
Winter Wolf Fur Winter Wolf Fur 0
Wolf Paw Wolf Paw 0
Wood Wood 0
Wooden Trash Wooden Trash 0
Wyrm Scale Wyrm Scale 0
Zaogun's Shoulderplates Zaogun's Shoulderplates 0
Demonic Essence Demonic Essence 0 1.00
Geomancer's Staff Geomancer's Staff 0 1.22
Broken Shamanic Staff Broken Shamanic Staff 0 1.28
Ghoul Snack Ghoul Snack 0 1.40
Dragon Priest's Wandtip Dragon Priest's Wandtip 0 1.50
Terramite Legs Terramite Legs 0 1.50
Carrot Of Doom Carrot Of Doom 0 1.60
Weaver's Wandtip Weaver's Wandtip 0 1.70
Mouldy Cheese Mouldy Cheese 0 4.00
Rotten Piece Of Cloth Rotten Piece Of Cloth 0 5.00
Simon's Staff Simon's Staff 0 38.00

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