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We have a Premium Area reserved for Contributors and Donors.

The Premium Area is currently closed to new users. To apply for the waitlist please click on the “Send feedback” button at the bottom of the page and type in “Premium Area: your email address”

Some of the goodies you can find there are:

  • Advanced scripts such as MultiClient coordinated Botting (Leader+Followers)
  • Smart Auto-Chat + Ready-made Chat Lists
  • Anti-PK script
  • Whistleblower script
  • Smart potion+rune healer
  • Smart potion+rune refiller
  • Smart exori spell caster (based on monster weakness)
  • Free Noxious Tokens
  • Huge list of Cavebot Hunting Scripts with auto-refill and exit routes
  • Travel scripts between cities
  • Travel scripts from Thais to hunting places
  • Mana Trainer
  • Rune Maker
  • elfsettings text files
  • Improved Icon Set for PvP/War
  • Elfbot addons extra features and variables
  • …and much more

Are you premium? Go to Premium Area

How to become a Contributor?

How to become a Donor?

See Donating.


Jordan Colbridge, 2021/06/02 17:01

Awsome site!

Thomas, 2021/08/20 10:01

I would like to have accessto premium content.

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