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We have a Premium Area reserved for Contributors and Donors.

Some of the goodies you can find there are:

  • Advanced scripts such as MultiClient coordinated Botting (Leader+Followers)
  • Smart Auto-Chat + Ready-made Chat Lists
  • Anti-PK script
  • Whistleblower script
  • Smart potion+rune healer
  • Smart potion+rune refiller
  • Smart exori spell caster (based on monster weakness)
  • Free Noxious Tokens
  • Huge list of Cavebot Hunting Scripts with auto-refill and exit routes
  • Travel scripts between cities
  • Travel scripts from Thais to hunting places
  • Mana Trainer
  • Rune Maker
  • elfsettings text files
  • Improved Icon Set for PvP/War
  • Elfbot addons extra features and variables
  • …and much more

Are you premium? Go to Premium Area

How to become a Contributor?

How to become a Donor?

See Donating.


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