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Pro Tips

Teleport back to Thais

You can Teleport back to Thais Temple from anywhere in the world, every 30 minutes. To do so, wait for an Event to start, get out of combat and type !event, once you are in the Event waitroom go to the Exit and you will be teleported to the Thais Temple.

Send items to other Depots for free

There is no need to send parcels from one city to another, go to the Casino and find a room with many Depots, these Depots are connected one to each city in the map. Note: Venore and Kazordoon are the same.

Avoid PKs at the Thais Depot entrance

If there's a PK at the Thais entrance waiting for someone to get in/out and you don't want to get close, if you are at the Temple, go to the Casino instead and use the TP there, if you are at the Depot, TP to the Casino.

Bonus: At the north entrance of the Thais Depot there is a sewer hole you can use to go down to the Rotworms and escape to the PZ, use utana vid to avoid getting trapped by the Rotworms.

Hide your Player information

Did you know you can see what equipment are players wearing as well as other very interesting data from the official website?

If you think this might give too much information to someone on the wrong side, you can hide all of it by editing your profile from My Account in the official website.

Away Status

Type /away on (and /away off) to show as AFK. See all commands available here.

Stranger's Eggs

You don't get any loot from killing someone else's Egg Monster, so don't risk your life (Experience and Skills).


The Bank allows you to send money to other players for free, even when they are offline. This is useful to send money to other characters. Money will appear in their Depot Locker.

You can also deposit money so it is available from all Banks in each city.



Magic Shops with PZ

If you have a Mage and would like to auto-train ML without risking his life, the Magic Shops at Ankrahmun, Port Hope, Yalahar and in Rebirth have a Protection Zone.

20% Blessing discount

Decrease blessing price by 20% by paying 10 Illusion flesh to the Oracle in Delusion, inside the TP under Thais depot, called Dream. You do need to complete the Dream Speak quest which is extremely hard.

Extra life

When doing tough quests such as the Annihilator (6 demons), try and be at 99% experience-to-next-level, this way, when you advance level, your health and mana will fully regenerate. While this strategy is difficult to execute, it may save your life.

Remove curse

The Unstable Potion and some quests give you curses, which deal 100 damage every half second. Using the spell exana morta will remove the curse instantly.

Unlimited Depot Space

Ran out of space on your Depot? You will get a message like “Your depot contains 2000 items.” or “Your depot is full. Remove surplus items before storing new ones”.

You can either drop items or go to the Casino and use the Depots on the West to store your non-vital stuff. You can stand next to 3 depots at the same time also.

Recover Mana in PZ

You can go to the Target Dummy (Casino first floor) or the Boss Arena (TP south of Depot) where you will recharge your HP and Mana but players cannot PK you. This is very useful to train your Magic Level without leaving the safety of Thais Depot.

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