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PvP (Player versus Player) is one of the most exciting and difficult to master parts of Tibia. Here's a few tips:


  • Grab as many pots as you can
  • As a Sorcerer, Paladin or Knight, grab UH runes to heal your teammates
  • Carry a few parcel, flower pot or similar

General advice

  • As a rule of thumb, numbers win, the more you are, the easier it is to win
  • If you are outnumbered, use magic walls to your advantage:
    • To escape
    • To limit distance damage and players from getting too close

By vocation

  • Knights go first and block, taking the damage
  • Druids focus on healing, and dealing damage
  • Sorcerers and Paladins deal damage

Open combat

Close combat

  • Trapping
    • With fire fields:
    • With flower pots/parcels: Better to avoid getting PZ-locked
  • Pushing
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