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There is no official place where Quests are listed but a lot of players have documented them in the official forums.

Bear in mind that some Quests from the real map have been removed in Noxious OT, new custom ones have been added.

Here's a huge list of forum threads explaining some Quests:

Quest Level Required Level Recommended Reward
Annihilator 100 125 Demon Outfits and one out of four available items: Magic Sword, Demon Armor, Stonecutter Axe, and a Present Box with an Annihilation Bear inside. Annihilator achievement.
Atmos the Sage (Winters) 175 200 4,750,000 experience points, 40 task credits and 7 gold nuggets and ability to repair soft boots using magic. Type !softboots to repair your worn soft boots from anywhere for 100,000 gp
Behemoth Quest 80 80 Demon Shield, Golden Armor, Guardian Halberd, Platinum Amulet, Life Ring, Crystal Ring, 3 Small Diamonds, 4 Small Sapphires
Black Knight Quest 50 50 Crown Armor, Crown Shield
Bright Sword Quest 45 50 Bright Sword, Red Gem
Captain Spellstorm (Onett) 200 200+ Spell Effect Rune and 4,000,000 experience.
Circle Room Quest 32 40 Dwarven Axe, War Hammer
Children of the Revolution:
- Prove Your Worzz!
- Corruption
- Imperial Zzecret Weaponzz
- Zze Killing Fieldzz
- Zze Way of Zztonezz
- Strange Symbols
- Phantom Army
0 150 10,000 Experience, Tome of Knowledge, Serpent Crest - 2nd addon for Warmaster Outfit, ability to start various tasks.
Crusader Helmet 35 40 Crusader Helmet
Medusa Shield Quest (Darashia) 60 70 Medusa Shield, Skull Staff, Blue Robe
Dark Armor Quest 0 40 Dark Armor
Deeper Fibula 50 60 Knight Axe, Warrior Helmet, Elven Amulet, Tower Shield, Dwarven Ring
Demon Helmet 100 120 Demon Outfits' first addon as well as Demon Helmet, Demon Shield and Steel Boots
Demon Oak Quest 120 130 Herbicide achievement, ability to obtain the Demon Outfits' second addon and one out of four available items: Demon Legs, Rainbow Shield, Spellbook of Ancient Arcana or Thorn Spitter
Dreamer's Challenge Quest 100+
Fire Axe Quest 60 70 Fire Axe
Firewalker Boots 100 100 Firewalker Boots
Griffin Shield Quest 30 50 Griffin Shield, Dwarven Axe, Obsidian Lance
Helmet of The Ancients 75 120 Helmet of the Ancients
Koshei the Deathless Quest 40 70 Koshei's Ancient Amulet or Blue Legs
Mad Mage Room 40 50 Hat of the Mad, Stone Skin Amulet, Star Amulet, Silver Dagger and Mana Potions
Monkey Business 200 200
Orc Fortress 40 50 Knight Armor, Knight Axe, Fire Sword
Paradox Tower Quest 250 250 Two of the following: Phoenix Egg, Magical Box, Boots of Haste, pre-enchanted Soft boots
Pits of Inferno 80 130 Access to the Hub Shortcut, ability to finish The Inquisition Quest, 100 Platinum Coins, Soft Boots, Backpack of Holding (containing a Silver Rune Emblem, Silver Rune Emblem, Silver Rune Emblem and Silver Rune Emblem), Stuffed Dragon, Frozen Starlight, Ceremonial Ankh, achievement Ruthless and choose between: Arcane Staff/Avenger/Arbalest.
Svargrond Arena Greenhorn
Svargrond Arena Scrapper
Svargrond Arena Warlord
0 30 A choice out of 5 different rewards per difficulty, as well as a Bronze, Silver or Golden Goblet with inscribed text. The achievement Warlord of Svargrond.
The Fall of Gruul:
- Help Yorick
- Investigate Stones
- Defeat Gruul
200 200+ Magic Find Box, Gruul Trophy
The Inquisition 100 150 Demon Hunter Outfit and access to the deeper Demon Forge areas, ability to buy the Blessing of the Inquisition, and one of the following: Emerald Sword, Hellforged Axe, Obsidian Truncheon, Warsinger Bow, Royal Crossbow, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Master Archer's Armor, Fireborn Giant Armor or Robe of the Underworld
Unnatural Selection Quest 0 40 Tome of Knowledge, Tribal Crest, experience, achievement Talented Dancer
Vampire Shield Quest 70 80 Vampire Shield, Dragon Lance, Strange Symbol, Black Pearl, Mysterious Fetish
VIP Quest (Dredmor) 175 200 20,000,000 Experience
Wrath of the Emperor:
- Catering the Lions Den
- First Contact
- The Keeper
- Sacrament of the Snake
- New in Town
- The Office Job
- A Noble Cause
80 250 Spiritual Charm, Wayfarer Outfits, Black Jade Cobra, 100 Platinum Coins, 10 Crystal Coins, 10 Red Dragon Scales, 5 Gold Ingots, 10 Black Pearls, Blue Gem, Dragon Backpack, Jewelled Backpack, choose between Elite Draken Helmet, Royal Draken Mail or Royal Scale Robe, teleports to Razachai and the Rebel Camp
Yalahari Quest 80 120 Passage into the innermost area and through the gates to the city quarters; Yalaharian Outfits, 5 Platinum Coins, choose between Yalahari Mask, Yalahari Armor and Yalahari Leg Piece
Dr. Jones Quest ? ? 1 Magic Find Box, choose between Fury Ring or Mysterious Ring (already enchanted), 3,000,000 exp
Runewar the Sage 10 150 1 Unstable Potion and 5,000,000 experience
King's Relic 250 255 3,500,000 Experience, 25 task credit, and the King's Relic

You may find interesting the page on Quest Stats where you can see how many players completed them and sort by popularity.


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