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Once you get a character to level 250, you can opt for a Rebirth. You can only rebirth 3 times.

This will happen to your character:

  • Lose your Experience (back to Level 8)
  • Keep your skills, items and house
  • Get your Stamina back to 100%

This gives you the following advantages:

  • Access to Rebirth Spawns (previously these where VIP spawns, accessible from the Thais Depot teleport)
  • 50% magic find
  • 25% chance to get eggs
  • 2 weeks of VIP
  • 100 rebirth points

What can I do with Rebirth Points?

You can buy exclusive items:

Here's the thread where rebirthing was discussed


Before rebirthing, make sure to leave all your equipment and backpacks in your Depot Locker!

You will go from level 250 to level 8 so your capacity will be decreased and your level-dependant equipment will not be available.

Your Stamina will get back to 42:00 so don't waste a Scroll of Stamina at level 249 if you don't have to.

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