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Items Price Weight Description
Mysterious Ring Mysterious Ring 4000000 1.40 You see a mysterious ring (Arm:2, magic level +1, hp +10/4sec and mp +15/4sec).
It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids.
It weighs 1.40 oz.
This magical ring glows with elemental power.

Obtainable with 25 Rebirth points or NPC Greedy Goblin (Casino).
Fury Ring Fury Ring Unknown 1.40 This ring gives you incredible strength.

Obtainable in the Dr Jones Quest or NPC Greedy Goblin (Casino).
Ring Of The Sky Ring Of The Sky 22500 0.40
Gold Ring Gold Ring 6000 1.00 Has no practical use.
Crystal Ring Crystal Ring 1000 0.80
Death Ring Death Ring 1000 0.80 Arm: 1 Shielding -10, protection against Death Damage +5%
Might Ring Might Ring 250 1.00 Protection physical +20%, fire +20%, earth +20%, energy +20%, ice +20%, holy +20%, death +20%.
Stealth Ring Stealth Ring 200 1.00 Makes the user invisible while equipped
Wedding Ring Wedding Ring 100 0.40 Has no practical use.
Energy Ring Energy Ring 100 0.80 Provides mana shield while equipped.
Axe Ring Axe Ring 100 0.90 Provides +4 axe skills while equipped
Club Ring Club Ring 100 0.90 Provides +4 club skills while equipped
Sword Ring Sword Ring 100 0.90 Provides +4 sword skills while equipped.
Dwarven Ring Dwarven Ring 100 1.10 Prevents drunkness while equipped
Life Ring Life Ring 50 0.80 Faster Regeneration
Power Ring Power Ring 50 0.80 Provides +6 Fist skills while equipped
Time Ring Time Ring 50 0.90 Speed +30

Not sold at NPCs but some players find them helpful to further increase their walking speed.
Broken Wedding Ring Broken Wedding Ring Unknown 0.40
Engraved Wedding Ring Engraved Wedding Ring Unknown 0.40
Signet Ring Signet Ring Unknown 0.80 Fury Ring in NoxiousOT.
Nose Ring Nose Ring Unknown 5.00
Ring Of Healing Ring Of Healing 100 0.80 You see a ring of healing (faster regeneration) that is brand-new.
It weighs 0.80 oz.

Increases the speed of Hit Points and Mana Points regeneration for 7.5 minutes at a rate of 24 mp and 6 hp per 6 seconds (4 MP/s and 1 HP/s). This makes 1800 mp and 450 hp in this 450 seconds the Ring of Healing lasts.
Claw Of 'the Noxious Spawn' Claw Of 'the Noxious Spawn' 0
Giant Shimmering Pearl Giant Shimmering Pearl 0
Glimmering Soil Glimmering Soil 0
Ring Of The Count Ring Of The Count 0
Ring Of Wishes Ring Of Wishes 0

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