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Items Price Weight Defense
Spellbook Of Warding Spellbook Of Warding 600 21.00 22
Spellbook Of Lost Souls Spellbook Of Lost Souls 14 25.60 20
Spellbook Of Enlightenment Spellbook Of Enlightenment Unknown 19.50 18
Spellbook Of Mind Control Spellbook Of Mind Control Unknown 24.50 16
Spellbook Of Dark Mysteries Spellbook Of Dark Mysteries Unknown 28.50 16
Godly Spellbook Of Knowledge Godly Spellbook Of Knowledge 0 16
Spellbook Spellbook 0 18.00 14
Snake God's Wristguard Snake God's Wristguard 0 28.00 14
Spellscroll Of Prophecies Spellscroll Of Prophecies Unknown 26.50 12

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