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Daily Tasks

Daily tasks can be activated from [Daily Task] NPCs below Thais Depot, there are 3 NPCs:

  • Slayer: Kill a certain amount of creatures
  • Shaman: Obtain a certain amount of collectible items
  • Champion: Participate in daily server activities (Level 150+)
  • Death Task: Kill Human Players (Level 150+)

For Slayer and Shaman you can choose the task length and the difficulty. There is no time limit to complete each task although you get a bonus for completing it fast. You can cancel a task but will need to wait 2-4 hours to ask for a new one. When you complete a daily task, you need to wait 20 hours to start the next one.

You can choose your reward:

  • Experience
  • Gold
  • Store Credit

You also get a few minutes of Stamina (~47 minutes for a short task).


Here's a table on the creatures you may need to kill on each difficulty level:

Here's an example of the rewards when completing a Slayer task:

Duration Difficulty Experience Gold Store Credit Stamina (minutes)
Short Easy 86,000 49,449 2 Credit 19

Store Credits

Store Credits enable you to purchase the following items:



Hangable Items

Experience Boosts

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Weekly Boss! Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm, 6pm and 10pm (East Coast time) at the arena (20 Noxious Tokens)