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Unstable Potion

Unstable Potion Unstable Potion
Description You see a unstable potion.

It weighs 1.50 oz.

A never ending magical potion brewed by Runewar the Sage. It's shaking violently. It will increase your skills for 5 minutes.

Increase your skills depending on your vocation:

* Knights: +5 melee skill boost
* Paladins: +5 distance skill boost
* Mages: +5 Magic level

The boosts last for 5 minutes, or until you logout, or die. You can use it every 30 minutes.

The potion is unstable it has a 20% chance of cursing you for 60 seconds dealing 100 death damage every half a second (you still get the bonus though). Use the spell exana morta to remove the curse.

You must be at least level 100 to use this potion.
Item ID 11372
Category Potions
NPC Price 2000000 gp
Market Price 113 NT
Weight 1.50 oz

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Unstable Potion is not dropped by creatures.

Unstable Potion is not needed for any Outfit Addons.

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