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Wands are only used by Sorcerers when equipped in the weapon slot in their Inventory, they do damage and consume a small amount of mana . Druids can not use Wands, instead they use the Rods.

Wands are used with only one hand, can be equipped with a shield or Spellbook and shoot every turn.

Unlike normal weapons, some wands can fire at a distance, others only at SQM around the target.

Wands cause Fire, Death or Energy damage depending on the Wand. The benefit of this is that all shots do damage and damage is not weakened by the creature's armor. The default is that some creatures are immune to certain types of damage and with a very powerful wand your mana will quickly run out if you hunt without pausing every now and then.

There are some wands that provide an attribute that gives a small increase in the skills of Magic Level, Critical Hit and Hit Points Leech.

Wands are loots from a variety of magical creatures, so remember to take a look around. Look also for wands sold in the Market because these can be enchanted and provide extra attributes.

Items Price Weight Attack
The Heavens Light The Heavens Light 1000000 36.00 180
Wand Of Voodoo Wand Of Voodoo 4400 28.50 65
Wand Of Starstorm Wand Of Starstorm 3600 25.50 65
Wand Of Inferno Wand Of Inferno 3000 27.00 65
Wand Of Cosmic Energy Wand Of Cosmic Energy Unknown 25.00 45
Wand Of Draconia Wand Of Draconia 1500 27.00 30
Wand Of Decay Wand Of Decay 1000 23.00 30
Wand Of Dragonbreath Wand Of Dragonbreath Unknown 23.00 19
Wand Of Vortex Wand Of Vortex 1000 19.00 13
Star Tear Star Tear 320000 14.50 0

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